Internal Comms Platforms Onboarding for New Organizers

Welcome to the team! :tada: :star_struck: :heart:

This document will onboard you onto YPC’s internal comms platforms so that you have the skills and tools needed to collaborate. At YPC we build-in-public so everyone knowing where to go for what communications is core to who we are.

If at any time you need support, ask in #member-questions on Discord or contact

Here’s how this works. We’ve got a checklist below of the steps you’ll take to learn all the collaboration platforms.

Your goal is to check everything off in one week.

Ready, go!

Step 0: Set-up Your Accounts

Sign-up for a Hub Account
Add a profile picture to your Hub account
Follow these directions to customize your Discord profile

Step 1: Get Official!

Fill out this Join the YPC Team form. IMPORTANT: Youth leaders under 18, have a parent and/or guardian sign the form’s waiver.
Fill out this Identities Survey

Step 2: Join Groups

Groups give you access to team-specific communications.

Click “Request” then submit the form for the Organizers Hub Group
Log in to your google account. Click on “Ask to join the group” and submit the form for the Organizers Google Group
Each circle has its own google group (for example, Ask your circle’s lead and/or secretary role holder to add you to your circle’s google group. If they don’t know how to do it, they can follow these directions on how to add people to a google group

Step 3: Adjust Notifications

Choose your Discord channels. If you’d like to read fewer messages in Discord, you can mute and disable notifications for specific channels
Download the Discord app (if you want!). Go to the Discord download page.

Join your circle-specific subcategories. Each circle has a circle-specific subcategory, so you’ll need to add yourself to each one.

Adjust your email notification preferences
Download the Hub mobile app (if you want!). Follow the directions for DiscourseHub on Android or Discourse Hub on the Apple App Store

Step 4: Understand YPC Communication Practices

Read Internal Communications Platforms
Read Accessible Communication Guidelines

Step 5: Check-In

Reply to this post with how this onboarding process went or email Tell us what we can do to improve these directions and where you might still need support.

And that’s it! Congratulations again on joining our organizing team.

P.S. Are you someone who’s supporting a new organizer by meeting with them 1-1?
Use Internal Comms Platforms Onboarding Support for New Team Members to guide your session!

How can we improve this process? You can reply to this post with your ideas and/or questions!

The next improvement I hope to make is to create some YouTube videos of the process.

We can try making this process simple by have one workspace because right now we’re using slack, hub and google groups which in my opinion is a little scattered and inconvenient for everyone to keep track of activity on all three on them. An alternative which can be used is Notion and recently many start ups and non profit are shifting to Notion for the same. Check this out for a better understanding: How We Use Notion As a Startup

Yay!! It seems like we’re fellow internal comms enthusiasts!

I chose Slack, Hub, and Google Groups for very specific reasons. We use Slack for short communications that do not need to be saved. We use Hub for documentation and for conversations that span a much longer amount of time. We use google groups to control access to our Google Drive. Here’s a discussion about the difference between chat apps like Slack and the Hub which is run on Discourse: Discourse and Slack (or other group chat apps like IRC, HipChat, Gitter, etc) - #18 by erlend_sh - community - Discourse Meta

I’m very familiar with Notion but the following concern me

  1. It costs money and this cost increases per user. Notion decided to give free access to organizations during COVID-19, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll continue it. Discourse is completely free for unlimited users for all time.
  2. Notion is closed source while Discourse is open-source. Open-source work is more in line with our values of building in public and being co-creative.

What Notion does do really well is that they allow for creating databases. I would love to move our workflows from Google Sheets to Notion, but again, see my concerns about Notion above.

What need do you see Notion filling that is currently missing? Would you be interested in collaborating on improving our current systems?

I totally agree with you, Your concerns about notion are significant and I would love to work on our organizational structure but I think I need time to evaluate and study what all is available and how we can improve our system. I’ll also keep in mind your concerns while looking for alternatives.

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Hi Sneha, if you’d like to evaluate and study all the thinking that has gone into the existing systems, read the topics on #team:internal-comms! This topic may be the most interesting to you: Add team collaboration features to the Hub

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Thanks for a smooth onboarding process! Excited to be a part of YPC. Cheers!

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This onboarding process went great overall! I’m super excited to be an organizer with the youth power coalition!

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Feedback from Hope: “I am a little confused as to which platform to use for what kind of conversation, I read the descriptions but I think I just need to see it in practice to figure out how it goes.”

Onboarding went well. I have no comments on how to improve this process at the moment!

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The onboarding went smoothly!

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