What Internal Communication Platforms Do We Use and For What?

Our internal communications policies are intended to enable us to be #co-creative, #build-in-public, and #embrace-emergence.



Use Slack for just-in-time communications that don’t need to be saved long-term. Please respond to messages that mention you specifically within a few days because Slack is used to reach people quickly. At the same time, please don’t expect immediate responses. We’re all about taking the time we need to rest. If you ever need to take a break from Slack, please communicate to the team ahead of time and give a backup option for reaching you quickly so that you don’t unintentionally block decisions.

Google Groups

Use Google Groups for email communications that are private, and to manage Google products like invites to calendar events and permissions on Google Folders and documents. Another use of Google Groups is when emailing external partners who are not yet a part of the Youth Power Coalition network.

Google Drive

Use the Youth Power Coalition Shared Drive to create and store any YPC related files. Keep files organized in folders that mirror our circle structure so that they are discoverable. If you do not have access to our Shared Drive or need to give someone else access, let internal comms know!

Google Calendar

Go to the YPC team meetings to our YPC Admin Calendar whenever you need to know what meetings are coming up!


Use our Hub (online forum) for communications that promote transparency and memory. The Hub is generally for slow conversations, so take your time. If you do need someone to respond more quickly, you can share a link to the Hub topic with them on Slack. Examples of communications on our Hub include project details and policies.


In all of these communications, keep the following in mind:

  • Lead with Love: We’re a community online as much as we are offline. Be welcoming, joyful, and empathetic.
  • Build in Public: Make conversations as public as possible while honoring confidentiality.
  • Embrace Emergence: Communication is so important because when info is shared is when we ensure people are aware and then can co-create.


We understand that communication platforms need to be accessible and accommodate multiple communication styles, so please reply to this post if you have questions and/or need support!


We’ve since created a more detailed document! See Internal Comms Platforms Onboarding for New Team Members (Public) - Google Docs. We also created YPC Accessible Communications Guidelines (Public) - Google Docs. We’ll work on consolidating these documents into one place in the future.

Suggestion from Carline: Add to the Hub that people need to make sure they can get email notifications from the Hub (you may need to turn on the Forums tab in your inbox)