Add team collaboration features to the Hub


Now that we have a full YPC team, we need a collaboration platform that’s robust enough for us to get work done and in an accessible way! This basically means plug-ins galore.

Need Exploring

Icebreakers - Really just automatically posted system topics


Discourse Automation

Full Name Mentions


Video Upload



Discourse Voting

Discourse Policy

Discourse Teambuilding Activity

User Notes

Desktop push notifications

Discourse Spoiler Alert

Saved Searches Plug-in


Custom Wizard Plug-in



Shared Edits

Canned Replies

Sub- Sub- Categories

Translate - installed but don’t have the funding yet to hook it up to a translator



User Card Directory - theme - Discourse Meta (using so platform is more geared towards the people + renames users to members)

Checklist Plugin - Interactive Checkboxes made Simple - plugin - Discourse Meta (basically the best thing ever)

Versatile Banner - theme - Discourse Meta (welcomes people onto the forum)

Not Doing

Customize Layouts Plug-in because native Discourse features ended up being a better fit.

Weekly team check-ins - email reminder if not updated by OP - weekly check-ins do not need to be saved and are time-sensitive so if we ever do it I think it belongs in Slack.

Custom Top Navigation Links - The original idea was to use this to add Assigned topics to the top menu, but it adds unnecessary complications given it overrides the native settings and given it’s possible to navigate to assigned from the user profile.


Discourse Teams


Write documentation of how to use different collaboration features
Write Updating Discourse Tech Documentation
Write a post on about our set-up

Update: Sean’s installed a bunch of them!

@seanperkins, could you install these next two plug-ins? Thank you!

These plugins have been added along with the events plugin you requested.

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@seanperkins Could you also install Discourse Calendar?

This was installed. While adding this and updating discourse, there was a database update. Everything went fine so things should be good but if you notice anything off let me know.

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Thank you. Could you now uninstall the pavilion plug-in version? I’ve tested the new plug-in sufficiently to know that we should go in that direction!

@seanperkins, one more request and then I think this spate of plugins is done! :crossed_fingers:

@seanperkins I just learned of another two plug in that looks like it would be ideal for us.