Customize Chatroom Integration Plug-in

Expanding on the discussion from Add team collaboration features to the Hub

I’m installing the Chatroom Integration Plug-in to keep communications clear between the Hub and Slack. Features that we can add include automatic posting in Slack whenever a new topic is posted on the Hub as well as sending transcripts from Slack into the Hub (though we can’t send full threads which is unfortunate - hopefully that gets built out in the near future).

To Dos

Get Slash commands to work
Set up automatic posting from Hub to Slack
Post on Hub category and automatically posts in team’s relevant channel
@ user on the Hub and automatically DM them Decided not to pursue this for now. Waiting on answer to this question on Discourse Meta about how to set up a user channel.
Add Hub icon for Youth Power Hub Bot. Blocked by Design Youth Power Hub Logo project


@Sophie.Xu I just wanted to report that I got the chat integration to work! That took some doing! Go me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats!! That sounds awesome!!!

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Update: Discourse has created a chat plug-in! We’ll track that project here: Install Discourse Chat. I’ll move this topic to not-doing now. It can still be helpful in the interim but I think moving everyone to the Hub as chat gets stronger is likely the way to go.