YPC Admin Calendar

Our circle meetings are open for any coalition member to join. Use the calendar below to see when our meetings are! To join a meeting, please ask the organizers of those meetings to send you a calendar invite.


How To Add Events

Option 1 (Preferred): Confirm that you have access to the YPC Admin Shared Calendar. Contact internal-comms@youthpowercoalition.org if you need access.

Once you have access, add events directly to the YPC Admin Calendar. Here are video directions on how to add events to a shared calendar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9_Zth05ESU

Do this whenever possible because that allows others to change the event as necessary and because you will also be able to add a Google Meet with call-in info.

Option 2: Invite a circle’s google group or directly invite admin@youthpowercoalition.org.

How To Title and Describe an Event
  • Include YPC or Youth Power Coalition in the title
  • Include the Circle Name if Applicable
  • Add Event Descriptions
    • What’s the purpose of this event?
    • What’s the agenda?
    • Who or what circle should people contact if they have questions about the event?
    • etc.
How To Add Google Meet
  1. Add an event directly to the Admin Calendar and add a Google Meet to the event.
  2. Send an invite to people (including yourself) so they can enter the meeting without requesting to join. If they are not on the calendar invite, they will be blocked from joining.
  3. Add a co-host: This is a feature that is not yet available, but is in the works. This will allow you to add a co-host who can then create breakout rooms, mute participants, etc.
Examples of What To Add and What NOT To Add

What to Add

  • Events that are open to anyone in the coalition to join
  • Deadlines that impact the whole coalition like the end of our fiscal year
  • Anniversaries like the date of our official launch

What Not To Add

  • Events that are not open to everyone like one on one meetings
  • Deadlines that are too specific like when specific instagram posts should be published