Circle Facilitator

Role Description

Congratulations!! :tada: :confetti_ball:

As filler of a circle facilitator role, you’re responsible for making sure that meetings run smoothly and creating an inclusive space where everyone’s voice is valued.

We (your fellow circle facilitators past and present) have found that the following information super helpful. Read on, enjoy, and circle back with your own contributions to this guide!

Aims: What you do


  • Planning the agenda
  • Facilitating circle meetings
  • Paying attention to equivalence during meetings
  • Ensuring participants are following meeting norms and governance practices
  • Guiding the process of clear policy proposals


  • Ensures that everyone involved in decision making is included and contacts those not present in the meeting to give input asynchronously
  • Surfacing and guiding the process of addressing interpersonal and group tensions
  • Training other members on the facilitator role

Domains: What you manage

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Prioritizing backlog items

Related Circles, Roles, and Policies

  • Collaborate closely with secretary and coordinator role holders to plan meetings

The First 30 Days

1. Share your new role

  • Announce that you are the circle’s new facilitator role holder (or make sure that you’ve been announced!)
  • Update the Members and Roles section of your meeting notes

2. Join Circle Role Holder Groups

3. Become an expert in the top how-tos and policies related to your role

4. Ask your circle to give you feedback after you’ve been in your role for about three meetings.

5. Update this post to make it even better for future facilitators.


Be clear when you’re using your facilitator voice versus your circle member voice

Ideas for Improvement


@jadarichardson Welcome to your first facilitator role! I’m so honored to be a member of the circle you’re facilitating. I hope this post is helpful to you! Definitely ask questions / post feedback here. It’s a wiki so anyone can update it.