Measure, Learn from, and Communicate Impact

We’re part of YPC because we believe in it and feel the impact in our own lives and in the lives of others. How do we measure and communicate this network-wide? How do we do this both through stories and through numbers?

I think we’re far from having the capacity to do this, but I’d like to capture it as a project of the Mission Circle, whose domain is about to what extent we’re truly living out our mission.


Measurement is a site of potential harm. Data as control. Data instead of relationships and trust. Measurement process that’s extractive as opposed to regenerative. How might we measure, learn from, and communicate impact in a community-led, co-creative, comprehensive, equity-centered, well-capitalized, caring, and courageous way? We can do it!


  • Partner with an organization with this Own Our Impact competency
  • Consider how to measure each C in the 7Cs of Collective Impact



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