Create Data / Impact Dashboard

I think it’s super important to prioritize creating a data dashboard that allows everyone in YPC to see our top metrics.

I’m thinking the domains are

  • Internal Comms owns the system of updating data
  • Each individual circle has its own objectives and key results broken more and more specifically so that they are transparent at all levels from coalition to the team to circle to individuals. It would be really, really interesting if coalition wide OKRs could actually be an initiative.

I’m feeling the greatest immediate need to have a dashboard in the Business circle so I created a Topic to track that specific project.


Connect with potential project circle members (especially Aneth)
Create a way for every circle and role to turn their aims into OKRs in a transparent manner (maybe put this in Peerdom?)
Note that Outreach Partnerships should have a representation OKR (representative by race, class, age, location, issue area, etc.)

Related Project

Pay YPC Organizers is a related project because this topic currently contains a list of potential survey questions that will also generate information that’s necessary to track.


Explanation of how Dashboards fit into overall organizational strategy

Youth Engagement Measurements and Indicators from YouthPower!

This resource from advocates that are working to eradicate homelessness use something called by-name lists. Could be a way for us to measure our impact and could be a practice to spread within the value of Own Our Impact.

I was recently reading the Network Weavers Handbook (thank you Michael!) and was introduced to existing network assessments.

Network Maturity Matrix

I even went through and highlighted where I think we currently are on each dimension! (averaged out to 3 in my opinion)

Perhaps this could be an assessment that we revisit and take once a year in order to track progress over time. I can also see it being a powerful visual.