Implement Advice Process

The Advice Process

Where anyone can make any decision provided that they’ve gotten advice from those most impacted and from experts. I haven’t found a perfect explanation yet so we’ll probably need to write our own, but these are good summaries:

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Food for Thought

From OCETI SAKOWIN CAMP Seven Council Fires Camp Seven Lakota Values

  • If you have an idea or suggestion for the camp, consider whether you are going to stay here long enough to implement.
  • Withhold from offering ideas or suggestions that you cannot commit to working on.
  • If you recently arrived, please withhold from sharing your ideas right off the bat. Chances are, your idea has already come up and been addressed.

The Decision Tree Model from Fracuted Atlas

The Decision Tree model can be useful when working with your manager to set clear expectations and boundaries for decision-making as you grow in your position and at Fractured Atlas.

Four Levels of Decision-Making Correspond to the Potential Consequences of a Poor Decision

  • Leaf: A leaf level decision is going to have little or no effect on the overall tree. You are autonomous and empowered to make a leaf decision without consulting others or telling your manager.
  • Branch: A branch level decision carries more risk than a leaf decision. You are empowered to make a branch decision and take action but must report what you have done to your manager.
  • Trunk: At the trunk level, the risk to the tree’s health is much higher. You can make the decision but before you take any action, you must discuss it with your manager.
  • Root: At the root level, the wrong decision can be life threatening and even terminal. You must discuss the pros and cons with your manager and others before you make a root decision.

Consider a sibling version which is that any three people who have been trained can make a decision. This way everything must be a group AND autonomy is encouraged. Wonder how this interacts with YPC consent based decision making. Maybe it has to do with you need to check with domain. Can make the decision but with transparency, accountability, and coordination. Parent circles can mediate outside of child circle feedback.

“The power is not in the individual. The power is in the team.”