Create Youth Power Coalition Admin Calendar

To Do

Figure out where to put the calendar - would it be in the About the Team category, for example? Or would it be a specific pinned post? etc. UPDATE: It’s now pinned to General Coordination
Write best practices for calendar event titles and info. UPDATE: See the YPC Admin Calendar post for best practices.
Figure out how new people get access to the calendar. From Google Help Info: "New group members—After joining a group, new group members get email notifications about the calendars they can access. These email notifications are typically sent within an hour. If a group has more than 100 shared calendars, however, email notifications are not sent "
Add YPC Anniversaries (launch party?)

Add link to YPC Admin Calendar documentation to the email circle role holders get when they are first emailed directions to add the Google Calendar to their own.


@Sophie.Xu Now that we’re having more and more teams, I’m thinking we’ll need a calendar to keep track of when everyone is meeting. Could you let me know what you think about the process I put together above?