Create Data / Impact Dashboard for the Finance Circle

Continuing the discussion from Create Data / Impact Dashboard


What info?


  • Total amount of recurring contributions per month
  • Number of recurring contributors
  • Total amount of recurring costs per month
  • Progress towards goals

Leadership Development

  • Percentage of members who have brought in one contributor, three contributors, etc.
  • Percentage of members self-reporting competencies


  • What’s been made possible because of capital?
  • How well are our members doing?

Who’s impacted? What are their needs?

  • Business Circle:
  • Internal Comms Circle:
  • External Comms Circle:
  • Individual Organizers:

What’s our technical set-up?

  • Efficient
  • Maintainable
  • Integrated into existing communications infrastructure

Good place to start: Getting started with Google Data Studio

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