Create a Way to Add Courses to Discourse

As we build out mass training, it makes sense to have those courses be hosted on Discourse. Because Discourse hasn’t been custom-built for courses, some tweaking is necessary.

I’m having a conversation about how to do this over at Discourse Meta: Is anyone using Discourse in higher ed for courses? - community - Discourse Meta

My inspiration is platforms like A simpler example is here by Budget with Buckets.

I’m also thinking about how Sociocracy for All structures its courses.

  • Each person has a personal learning journey
  • Curriculum is organized by
  • Students submit a form with evidence to earn each badge
  • Students earn certificates after completing a certain set of badges

I’m thinking in Sociocracy we can use custom badges to issue certificates. This allows organizer information and achievements to all be hosted in one place, Discourse! It also allows people to search for those with badges in order to seek mentorship, etc. Read more about the feature at What are Badges? - faq - Discourse Meta.

One course we could experiment with is how to take meeting notes.

  • Introduction to meeting notes
    • Meeting notes hugely important in sociocracy so everyone has the information they need to fully participate, so we’re clear on what we’ve consented to
    • Youth Power Coalition has created a meeting notes template that can be helpful because it’s designed to match the sociocratic meeting format
    • Course is to familiarize people with the template so that you can improve from there
  • What is each section of the meeting notes template for?
  • How to create a new meeting agenda method 1: one big notes document
  • How to create a new meeting agenda method 2: separate meeting notes documents
  • What to write in meeting reports
  • How to use the Backlog
  • How to create a new meeting notes document from scratch
  • How to make notes accessible
  • How to improve on this process
    • There are many ways to customize this. For example, here’s a simple version of the template. What if you used a different language? What about added colors? Just share it back!
  • Conclusion including directions for earning the meeting notes badge