YPC Grand Strategy

Our Grand Strategy explains exactly WHO we are, WHY we’re building an intergenerational movement for youth-led collective impact, and HOW we’re building this movement together.

  • WHO We Are: We’re youth leaders and adult allies building an intergenerational movement for youth-led collective impact

  • WHY We’re Building a Movement:

    1. Young people of color are most impacted by issues like education and climate change, so why aren’t we in the rooms where decisions about us are being made?
    2. Even when we’re in the rooms, from classrooms to city hall, we’re invited as advisors, feedback givers, and photo op participants; we don’t actually get a vote.
    3. So we organize, we advocate, we create our own spaces, but we need resources. Less than 10% of funding goes to Black, Indigenous, and people of color led nonprofits.
    4. We need a movement, we need you, to invest your time, money, and talents directly in our efforts, our priorities, our leadership. We’re the ones who truly know what’s going on.
    5. Only when young people lead can we create a world in which ALL young people are equipped to thrive.
  • HOW We Build the Movement: Movements need community, leadership development, resources, shared information, and advocacy to succeed.

It also shares our strategic frameworks (our ways of thinking that guide how we all work together).

  • Framework 1: Defining Systems Change: We are changing the entire system of how decisions get made. Systems are not just about changing policies and practices, it’s also about changing resource flows, relationships and connections, power dynamics, and core beliefs. We want youth-led collective impact to be the norm and not the exception.

  • Framework 2: Taking a Network Approach: We are not a single organization. We are a network of people, groups, and other networks working together towards the shared mission of building an intergenerational movement for youth-led collective impact.

  • Framework 3: Creating a Scale System for Youth Organizing: Together, we’re creating a scale system for youth organizing where community members self-organize low-cost, high impact campaigns. Each campaign benefits from the networks resources while also serving as a learning lab that shares information back to our wider network.

  • Framework 4: Frontloading the Movement: We’re writing the DNA for our movement in order to allow us to grow widely while staying true to our vision, mission, values, and aims.

  • Framework 5: Be the Change We Want to See: We are a learning organization that serves as an example of youth-led collective impact.

Learn about all the details in our full document below!