Youth Power Coalition as a Fiscal Host / Fiscal Sponsor

One of the things Youth Power Coalition can do is act as a Fiscal Host for new projects. It removes the need for new projects to put a lot of time into operations, operations that we’re obsessed with.

Ways to Support

  • Free Google Groups for Nonprofits
  • Ability to Pay People under 18
  • Access to Grants
  • Trusted Network


  • Contributes to YPC Mission
  • Participation in YPC Discord
  • Sociocratic Governance
  • Financial Contributions

Network Benefits

  • Speeds up experimentation and work
  • Retain relationships even when projects close

The Future Coalition has done a lot of what Youth Power Coalition could intend to do but are not accepting new applicants. Let’s explore this!

I’ve also long admired Open Collective Foundation but they’ve made the decision to shut down. What do we need to be careful about?