Write Graduating from the Organizing Team Process

What are our policies for people offboarding from the organizing team? For example, what’s their access to each of the platforms? Who’s responsible for what? People can always self-select out of a google group, but do leads and secretary role holders also need to know to remove people?

Note: Offboarding is also about the membership experience. Organizers can become donors, participants, mentors, etc.

When offboarding, need to update email address.

Becoming an Alum

Internal Comms

We welcome you to stay in organizer spaces if you want to continue getting those communications, or you can decide to join only the alumni-specific groups.

Google Group
Join the Alumni Google Group
(optional) Leave the Organizers Google Group and any other YPC google groups that are no longer applicable to you.

Join Alumni Hub Group
Leave the Hub groups that are no longer applicable to you
(if you’ll use a different email address) Update your Hub Profile Settings with your new email

Join the #alumni channel
(if you’ll use a different email address) Follow these directions to change your email address on Slack

External Comms

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