We've launched our Leadership Development Circle!

Youth Power Coalition’s Leadership Development Team launched in January! Meet Carline Boston, Erina Chowdhury, Deborah Chang, and Hope Wilder, pictured left to right and top to bottom.

Image Description

Screenshot of Carline, Erina, and Deborah at a recent online Leadership Development team meeting + profile picture of Hope who couldn’t make it that day. Self-descriptions:

  • Carline: African American girl in her teens. Wearing school uniform.
  • Erina: South Asian girl, aged 15 years old. Has short straight hair.
  • Deborah: East Asian woman in her 30s with long black hair in a low ponytail.
  • Hope: White woman in her 30s with short brown hair.

Our aim is to create training that equip young people of color from low-income backgrounds with the skills needed to organize youth-led collective impact efforts. Our strategies for doing so include:

  • Curating resources like in the Learning Library
  • Coordinating with other circles within Youth Power Coalition so that we can support active youth-led initiatives
  • Networking with other youth-led organizations and mentors to collaborate on trainings
  • Creating leadership curriculum
  • Gathering and analyzing feedback to tailor to individual needs or the intended audience
  • Making our resources accessible for everyone through easily available platforms

Our first project is a survey of Youth Power Coalition youth leaders of what leadership skills they would like us to focus on and how they best learn. Do they want to learn more about facilitating meetings or recruiting teams? Do they learn best through videos or written materials?

We’ve also formalized our collaboration with Sociocracy for All and are continuing to grow our partnership network with organizations.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and look forward to our next steps.