Update Youth Waivers Process

I created instructions for how to track waivers in the past, but those instructions need updating. I’m now exploring with creating a #templates category on Discourse, and then sub-categories for any template that we’d want in Discourse. This way people can create the template, then move it over to their circle for further tracking.

When I did that, the result was the following.

I’m wondering if this is more effective than just saying copy and paste this template, or if it’s actually way too complicated. I’m leaning towards too complicated.

All young people <18 must have parent/guardian permission to participate in #NYCEDU programs.

Create a post using this topic template

Move post to your own circle

On Flipcause, create a Youth Leader <18 registration type and add this information

If you are under 18, have your parent/guardian register for you so they can sign the waiver/permission form that is part of the registration process."

Require all registrants to sign the General Waiver and Media Release form in the online registration process. All registrants, including adult allies, must sign this form.

Double-check after registrations that the waivers were signed correctly

Double-check at event sign-ins that young people <18 have parent/guardians who signed the waiver.

  • Ask if they are under 18, and if they are, ask if they had their parent/guardian register for them online or if they have a physical copy of the waiver
  • If they have a physical copy, take a picture of both sides and use the Add Document feature on Flipcause to upload their waiver
  • If they did not, have them call up their parent/guardian and register them
  • If they cannot get a parent/guardian to sign their waiver, they will unfortunately need to leave the event

Keep everything updated as needed