Self-Care And Wellness - A List

Hey Good People!

This work - activism, organizing, heterarchical leadership, participatory practice - is hard! Equally challenging is practicing wellness and care, when fighting for justice.

Three things I do for self-care.

  1. Play games on the Peak app (because I’ve aged out of video games lol) -
  2. Listen to sounds of water (for real, here’s my Spotify playlist) -
  3. Essential oils -

What do you all use/do? I’d love suggestions and recommendations.


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I use a gamified task list called Habitica and have things on it like

  • Things I will do daily: “In Bed at 12” and “Start right” (aka not on email or reddit but a book or quiet time instead)
  • Habits that make me healthy: “Do 30 Minutes of Deep Work” (aka uninterrupted deep thinking/working time) and “Climb / Exercise”
  • Rewards: “Break for 30 Minutes (aka turn watching Netflix from a guilt-ridden procrastination mechanism to a reward mechanism” -

Caption: This is a screenshot of my Habitica screen. It’s divided into 4 columns: Habits, Dailies, To-Dos, and Rewards. This article explains the different columns.

Screenshot Transcribed

Top bar displaying my user name “debryc”, my avatar (avatar is sitting on a griffin and next to an octopus), level (74 Mage), health status (18/50), experience points (1800/2250), and mana (134/134)

Bottom bar with the 4 columns

  • Habits
    • Do 30 Minutes Deep Work
    • Do 30 Minutes Concentrated Work
    • Learn for 10 Minutes
    • Complete a Task
    • Climb / Exercise
  • Dailies
    • Start Right
    • Study Mandarin
    • Study Spanish
    • In Bed at 12
    • Call Family
  • To-Dos
    • Do Board role reconciliation
    • Get flue vaccine
    • Watch Building Inclusive Communities
    • Start #NYCEDU Budget Repont
  • Rewards
    • Break for 30 Minutes (100 coins)
    • Image of Health Potion (25 coins)
    • Image of Enchanted Armoire (100 coins)

I also see my therapist regularly and have surrounded myself with amazing friends and collaborators! I think this community support is what’s most important in my life for self care!

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