School Design + Architecture Questionnaire

Hi guys, could any of you help with filling out this questionnaire about NYC schools? I would love to get anyone’s insights, stories, anecdotes about their experience and favourite memories from their schooldays.

The goal of this questionnaire is to gather input from the potential users of school buildings to encourage discourse about the importance of good school design in the urban context of New York. We’ve all been through school, so we all could have a say!

^^ click link above (it should only take 5 mins or so)

More information on my work with school architecture here:

Many thanks

I just filled it out!

Thank you so much Deborah!

Late to the party here - but @juliacabanas - this is an amazing project. I’m starting to think about similar work now that I’ve moved to Dallas, TX. Would you be open to a call to talk more about our respective efforts?


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Hi Alli,

So sorry for the late reply, but yes I would be keen to discuss this if you’d like. I’ll be back in the UK soon so please email me on and we can set up a skype call or something