Looking for Partners to Bring Emotion, through Photo, into the NYC school segregation debate

Hi All,

My name is Rahul. I currently work for the DOE. A friend of mine, Josh, is a professional photographer who focuses on candid photos. We had an idea to bring emotion, through photo, into the NYC school segregation debate. Ultimately, he wants his photos to strike emotional strings so as to encourage people to get in the fight to desegregate schools.

We are in the early stages and are looking to connect with folks who might be interested.

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Hi there!

I am most defiantly interested and may know a few others who may be as well.

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Hi Farzana, this is exciting.

What is your email?

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Hi Rahul! Go ahead and direct message people like Farzana, and she’ll get an email notification, just like if you had emailed her directly! What you do is click on her name and then you’ll see the Message button.

Can you try it and tell me how that works?


Hi @MrRahul, please share more information about this initiative. I also work for the DOE, and outside of work I serve on the Steering Committee for the NYC Alliance for School Integration and Desegregation (nycASID).. Feel free to DM me; I look forward to hearing from you!