Join the Provisional World Children's Parliament as an Administrative Volunteer

I’ve been a regular member of meetings with the Provisional World Children’s Parliament. They’re an effort to bring young people together on a global scale to, not just give input on decisions, but to create a new way of governing where young people are true decision makers on all issues that impact them. Read all about them here! They’re looking for a volunteer / adult ally who can support children under 18 on administrative functions. Please let me know if you’re interested and/or forward this onto others.

Admin Role Description

PWCP needs volunteers to provide administrative support such as scheduling meetings and supporting documents and note writing and organization. By doing admin, you support children across the world in accomplishing their mission of getting to the United Nations and being recognized as true decision makers in global affairs.

As an admin volunteer, you will volunteer about 5 to 10 hours/week doing the following:


  • attending weekly meetings with Swarnalakshmi, John, Nathaniel, etc., take notes and follow up with assigned action items
  • scheduling various meetings
  • helping to create agendas
  • supporting document and note writing and organization by the children

Interfacing with the children

  • attending meetings to watch for child safety and support facilitation
  • having routine conversations with the children to support them in coordinating with each other.


  • Follow up with adults who attend training about PWCP to determine what kind of support they might need


  • conduct research into virtual funding, UN programs, etc.

Need to be skilled in

  • electronic communications like email, Google documents, websites, Microsoft office
  • meeting facilitation
  • project management

Most importantly, we’re looking to welcome volunteers who are trustworthy and believe in the PWCP mission.