Implement Virtual Cards

Open Collective supports Virtual Cards issued by Stripe. Any purchases made by the virtual card is automatically posted to Open Collective.

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I think we can use virtual cards to ensure that people have access to the funds they need to make purchases in a distributed and transparent way!

The alternatives are

  • Purchasing remains centralized in a small number of people who have access to the bank account (inefficient and concentrates power)
  • Purchasing through another platform like Divvy which is not as transparent
  • People paying first and then seeking reimbursement which is not equitable because it puts individual people in a tough financial position

Progress to date
Thus far I’ve created a Stripe account and asked Sales to allow us to issue cards. We’re waiting on their go ahead before being able to create our first virtual card.

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this is super cool! would love to be kept up-to-date on how it ends up working

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