How do I create a new Running Meeting Notes document?

  1. Make a copy of the _ [Circle Role] Running Meeting Notes (Public) [Template]. See directions for how to create a Google Doc copy here.

  2. Rename the file by replacing “[Circle Name]” and deleting “Copy of” and “[Template]”.

  3. Move file to correct Shared Drive folder.

  4. Update the content of the new running notes document by changing the phrases that are highlighted.

  5. Test every link in the new running notes document to make sure they go to the correct part of the document.

  6. Share the document with the Circle’s Google Group and make the file commentable by anyone with the link. See directions for how to share Google documents.

  7. Add the link to the new running notes in the “Topic” section of the circle’s Slack channel.

  8. Teach people who are holding the circle roles how to use the running meeting notes document.