Governance and Decision Making

At Youth Power Coalition we use a system called sociocracy to create inclusive and equitable teams. Read all about it!

Click on Governance Handbook: Sociocracy Youth Power Coalition Style to see it full screen.

Improvements Needed
Make handbook easy to print
Change size so it can be printed two per page on letter sized paper
Update color so that it is legible when printed in black and white
Add links
Update color with our coalition colors

When we write Version 2 of this booklet, let’s incorporate ideas from this presentation I gave on how sociocracy works in a movement as opposed to an organization.

Recorded presentation:

The big differences I identified were:

  • Membership = Open by Default, Consent to Confirm
  • Policies = Boundaries + Resources, Not Requirements
  • Aims = Sensed, Not Set
  • Domains = Held By Those Most Impacted

Presentation slides:

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