Governance and Decision Making

At Youth Power Coalition we use a system called sociocracy to create inclusive and equitable teams!

Read our Sociocracy Handbook to learn all about it!

Sociocracy Handbook Cover Below

Version 2: Drafting

When we write Version 2 of this booklet, let’s incorporate ideas from this presentation I gave on how sociocracy works in a movement as opposed to an organization.

Recorded presentation: Sociocracy in Youth Activism: How Youth Power Coalition is Building a Sociocratic Movement (Deborah Chang) - Sociocracy For All

The big differences I identified were:

  • Membership = Open by Default, Consent to Confirm
  • Policies = Boundaries + Resources, Not Requirements
  • Aims = Sensed, Not Set
  • Domains = Held By Those Most Impacted

Presentation slides:

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