Form a Sociocracy Community of Practice

@board-circle I propose that we follow the Empowered Learning Circles curriculum provided by Sociocracy for All.


  • The curriculum consists of 6 sessions. They take about 1.5 hours each.
  • The sessions include lecture (video), practical exercises and reflection space.
  • We can schedule each session to fit with our own.
  • The curriculum is donation based and a coach costs only $110-$210 for all six sessions. The benefits of a coach
    • “Have your questions answered exactly for your situation.
    • Be well-prepared for your next session.
    • Start talking about application of sociocracy for your group.(I think it’s worth having a coach).”

“The first session is to ensure you have the basics of what it takes to run a circle. You will be able to use those two features in any group outside of this Learning Circle:

  • Use rounds. As often as possible. Rounds not only enable everyone to speak, but they also support listening.
  • Always have a facilitator in any group to ensure equal voice, intentionality and effectiveness in your discussions and decisions.”

Read all the details here:

What do you all think? If this sounds like a fit, please let me know and Michael, perhaps it makes sense for you and I to contact Sociocracy for All to get more details!


@board-circle I think this is great idea @deborahchang!

My one suggestion is if people agree, maybe we start in January 2020? So we can focus on the December Strategy Meeting and January Launch event.

Lastly, maybe this is something we consider at the Strategy meeting next month. Perhaps creating a Sociocracy learning community; it can become NYCEDU’s version of Sociocracy 101 - a primer for people/groups interested in joining one of our circles.

I think it makes sense to start in the new year. Perhaps we time this with welcoming our newest board members; that way we can all learn together!

For sure.

Update: We now have a learning-sociocracy channel on our Slack where we’re trading ideas back and forth, so I’m going to move this particular idea to #done! At a later date we can return to see if we want to do anything more formal, but I think this in-the-moment learning is working pretty well. :slightly_smiling_face: