Find our Launch Party Location

Hey @board-circle,

As you research potential venues, please fill out this form.

The information you enter into this form is displayed on this list of venues in the city that can host great events. The work we do for this event, we can use for future events!

Meanwhile, we can discuss any venues that are particularly promising by replying to this thread. @rachelkate.miller, any luck with the museums, for example?

(Also, thanks Michael and Farzana for posting the next steps — I had completely forgotten about sharing this venues tool until I saw them in the November meeting minutes :smiley:!)

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Hi Everyone,

This is great. I have one question and one update.
Question: should we use this form for all venues we know of? Even ones that we might need to pay for, or just free/low cost venues? I forgot where we left off there.

Update: I reached out to another colleague on the NYCMER board to see if the ask to the larger group was (a) kosher and to be (b) talk about how to format the ask. I don’t want to ruffle any feathers so I wanted to see if there was precedent first. She’s usually pretty responsive so I’ll keep you updated. If I don’t hear back I just might do a small inquiry and BCC everyone so no one knows - ha!


Good question! I added a field about cost so we can capture information about all types of venues.

:slightly_smiling_face:on NYCMER ideas.

@rachelkate.miller Again, congratulations on securing a space! When you get the chance, could you please fill out this form so we have a record of venues to potentially return to in the future? Thank you!

I added Blue State but only a private. The other venues I was talking so Im not super comfortable sharing publicly let as I think those relationships might need to be massaged a bit more before we say “hey friends use this” you know what I mean?



I totally agree. That’s why a private option exists!

There are so many questions!!!