Encouraging and inviting people to use the forum

@rachelkate.miller wrote in the gathering survey

I vote for encouraging members to use the forum as much as possible. To that point, can we invite other folks? I know that we’re doing this soft launch and at some point will want to monetize but I’m wondering if we should continue to expand our users?

I say, let’s go for it! We don’t know what will happen exactly unless we put it out there for people.

Here’s what I’m currently doing:

  • Adding content to the forum, like the About Us post and a soon to be coming write-up of the gathering.
  • Finding opportunities for people I know to post in a way that helps them. For example, I asked Sokhandiarra to post about the Teens Take Charge plan, and in exchange, will include a link to it in the next newsletter. If you come across people with great events / opportunities, you could tell them the same thing. Post and it could be included in the next newsletter which goes out to over 1000 people.
  • Communicating on #NYCEDU projects via the forum. We have this online forum category going, and I created a group for our gathering “alumni”. @rachelkate.miller, I think it’ll make a lot of sense for you to communicate with the branding folks you’ll bring together via the forum as well.

I think the one thing we need to watch out for is that we invite the right mix of people. Let’s emphasize finding opportunities for youth leaders to post because it’ll be a lot easier to build an intergenerational community if we start with a strong cohort of young people.


Ok. Just to be clear, the we’ll conduct branding convos under the “Projects” category?

I actually do not know how to invite someone but suspect that I will need to do so for the people who want to talk branding that we get from the newsletter?

To be candid, I do not know a lot of Youth leaders so I will hold off on inviting anyone. We are getting some teen garden apprentices and some other youth this summer at the museum so I can extend an invite once I have a feel for it/them.


Conduct branding convos in the #projects:branding category. It’s a category that’s viewable only to people in the @branding group, so it’s a good place to post things that only people really involved in the branding project are excited about.

I’ll walk you through how to invite people once it’s time to reach out to people who want to be involved in the branding project.

Makes sense on the youth leaders front.

EDIT: Branding category and branding group has been edited so links are no longer applicable.