Create Password Management Process

Currently passwords are on individual google documents in a shared drive that only admin@ has access to. Each document is then shared with the appropriate person or group.

Instead, I think we could have a spreadsheet of accounts that we have and indicate for each account what the purpose of that account is, which circle is responsible for its maintenance, and how people get access to it.

I also found the following company provides up to 50 free accounts.

And 1Password may provide it completely free.

WHOOT! We just got this email from 1Password.

Thanks for your email. 🙂

Looking at your information supplied I’d very much like to say that you qualify for the Democracy status for your 1Password account. Please feel free to signup for a 1Password Teams account here (1Password — Password Manager for Teams, Businesses, and Families) using the email address you are contacting us on. 😀

We now have a free team account. I didn’t upgrade to the Business version because it may add too much overhead and there’s no guarantee that the Business version will be completely free in 5 years.