Password Management Process

We use 1Password to manage our passwords securely.

Who has can get access?
All team members can get access to resources like online courses that we’ve paid for. People who need access to external-facing things like our social media accounts can be added to the Administrators group. Finally, executive directors and board chairs who manage organizational infrastructure can be added to the Owners group.

How do we give access to 1Password?

How do we remove access to 1Password?

How is 1Password set-up?
We have Democracy status with 1Password (see 1Password for Democracy | 1Password for details) which means we have 1Password for free! We use the Teams version, which gives us three groups: Team Members, Administrators, and Owners.

WHOOT! Here’s the email from 1Password explaining our Democracy status.

Thanks for your email. 🙂

Looking at your information supplied I’d very much like to say that you qualify for the Democracy status for your 1Password account. Please feel free to signup for a 1Password Teams account here (1Password — Password Manager for Teams, Businesses, and Families) using the email address you are contacting us on. 😀

We now have a free team account. I didn’t upgrade to the Business version because it may add too much overhead and there’s no guarantee that the Business version will be completely free in 5 years.

And here’s the email I sent to apply for Democracy status.

We’re Youth Power Coalition, an intergenerational movement for youth-led collective impact.

We are for the rights of young people to make decisions in every space where decisions impacting young people are made.

Our Youth Voting Rights work points out that Federal Law allows for young people ages 16 and 17 to vote in municipal elections, but that New York City, where we are based, does not honor this right. Instead, even where young people have seats at the table, like on our community education councils, the seat is a non-voting one.

Thus far we have collaborated with get out the vote efforts, coordinated policy platforms that advocate for youth voting rights, and have hosted events to explore how we might lower the voting age.

For details, see our website at

Our work in lowering the voting age is important for democracy because by lowering the voting age, we encourage people to build the habit of voting early and encourage civic education in schools.

Nothing about us, without us. Young people deserve the right to vote.