Create Member Transition Plan

We’ve got amazing youth leaders and adult allies who are transitioning out of the YPC organizing team. How do we do this transition? One idea is to have some cohort / alumni programming. Are people alums? Benefit is that people have a sense that alum means I am part of a community, I was part of an educational experience, my responsibility is to give back so that other people can benefit as well. One thing that’s odd is, people can totally come back as organizers, too, which is what makes YPC different from a straight-up educational program. Another idea is to connect people as cohorts to the year they started. Like, I’m YPC Class of 2020 (the year I joined). I can stay for decades, coming in and out of the team, but I’ll always be YPC Class of 2020. Or, the class is by year I leave the organizing team, in which case if I rejoin and then come back, I’m just an organizer again and the next time I leave is my updated graduation year. I’m leaning towards year I joined.

YPC Membership Process