Create Info Session

The Outreach Partnerships circle is going to create an info session to introduce people to YPC and help them join the coalition!

Agenda Draft

My initial idea is to use the Benevon Point-of-Entry event as a starting place. Here’s how a Point-of-Entry event and the follow-up works:

Potential donors get on the cycle by attending a private Point of Entry Event at the invitation of a friend or colleague who serves as an Ambassador for your organization. This succinct, one-hour introductory event educates and inspires guests with the facts and stories about your organization’s work, focusing on your three overarching areas of impact and capturing each guest’s name with permission.

Benevon Model Details


Write info session agenda. See an example from the National Parks and check-out the Benevon Model’s Planning Template
Decide on info session name
Write fact sheet
Create Wishlist
Create info session invite
Create follow-up process including script and place to capture info. Read Follow-Up Calls: Keys to Success
Recruit ambassadors. Read The Gold Standard: Creating an Extraordinary Ambassador Program
Info Session Sign-up Page on the Website
Calendar of future Info Sessions

Project contributors: @deborahchang @saf @esepetia22 @Carlee123 (@Far-Pritte when she’s not in Bangladesh)

What’s our timeline on this, you think? @esepetia22 suggested that we start hosting info sessions in March.

@Carlee123 Here’s a cool example of an info session.

Some of my favorite elements include:

Slide on Action Timeline

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The following dates shown on a timeline!

  • october 2019 birth of XRYNYC
  • DEC 6 - citywide climate strike
  • DEC 15 - no art on a dead planent
  • FEB - trashion show: xrynyc x nyfw
  • APR/MAY (transition to online organizing) climate concerts
  • May 2 - Art Rebellion
  • Summer - mutual aid network and programming, art 4 m4bl database

I also like that they specifically talk about how they structure governance. XR actually organizes using their own version of sociocracy. I think before we share How To Get Involved, we might want to explain our sociocratic/decentralized structure. It’s one of the most powerful ways we build an intergenerational youth-led movement.

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  • At XR Youth NYC, we practice prefigurative intervention which is a method of organizing in which we seek to create the equitable community within our collective that we are advocating for externally
  • Decision making authority belongs to all who participate in the organization
    • This is not to say that some collectively decided upon coordinators can’t make small decisions without everybody formulating the consensus together, but it does mean that we seek enthusiastic consent from all about major decisions
  • We have no executive power and will always mitigate for power
  • We actively delegate and frequently reorganize coordinatorship
  • Decentralization requires individual initiative and community accountability; we are all here to be active participants in the outcome of our work