Create Content Licensing Policies

When we start creating content, we’ll need to figure out our content licensing policies.


Content licensing principles

  • Open source because we build in public
  • Generates resources because we are well-capitalized
  • TBD

Frameworks to explore

People to learn from

Sociocracy for All

  • In Member onboarding agreement, makes explicit that everything we create with SoFA is Creative Commons

That’s the creative commons sharealike license. Here’s the blurb from our page about the book, Many Voices, One Song .

Want to use? Please do!
Add them to your presentation, share it with your co-workers and friends. We only ask you attribute to SoFA and keep all content you make with our resources accessible to everyone (creative commons share-alike license with attribution to Sociocracy For All).


  • For profit consulting company that makes content open-source

Mutual Aid NYC Organizing Resources Library

  • Mutual aid project to co-locate mutual aid organizing resources. Tackling questions like how to archive information created by other content creators. Relevant to our learning library project as well.

Movement Netlab refers to Movement Commons principles like on their The Stages of Self-Organizing document

These materials are available for use under Movement Commons principles:
Credit creators for all uses.
Free for use in activist and social movement settings.
Fair compensation to creators if used in paid settings.
Use for Justice.

TOM trains facilitators

As a graduate, you will have individual rights to use the TOM tools in your work on the basis that they are referenced or branded with the Trauma of Money. The licensing is for you as an individual and does not give rights to your organization or other employees to use the tools in a facilitating, teaching, advising or coaching capacity without you as the licensee. The individual licensing also prohibits graduates from training other professionals in the method for the purpose of that professional to use the tools in their offerings.


Here are some idea brainstorms.

  • Creative Commons with request for attribution and include donation link with everything shared


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