Create central photo/video repository

We need a central place to host our photo/videos. I’m experimenting with the following process

Create user
Add as partner account so all photos are shared back to admin@
Move existing photo albums that Deborah’s collected to photos
Consider renaming. Should it be images@ for example?
Set-up forwarding to (or external comms?)
Write policy for who has access to which photos

  • Document who is responsible for taking care of
    • Domain of External Comms is my suggestion!
  • Before an event, ask to create a shared album and add the relevant people. Have photos@ create the album so that it can be organized under the Albums view
  • Name album and add text so that people can see what the album is all about
  • Add faces when possible
  • Upload only the good photos and videos!
  • High quality, which means anything over 16MB will be compressed. Anything needs to be printed at, let’s say, a banner size, keep in Google Drive instead.
  • Privacy policies. On Youtube what’s private versus unlisted versus public?

update: So in trying to get our It’s Our Money Proposal video up, I realized the following

  • The same account that manages our Google Photos should also be an account that manages our Youtube channel
  • Which means do we change photos@ to more media@ or something like that
  • Managing videos is a pain in the butt

Google Photos now does not allow free uploads, which means we really need to change the storage up, especially since Google Photos isn’t meant to be a storage repository for multiple people. Jackie had trouble accessing it, for example, when making our Why We Started YPC Video.

@saf I just assigend this topic to you as it’s an external comms platforms manager project for sure! It’s up to you when to start tackling it, I just wanted to make sure you saw what I designed in the past.

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@saf Here’s an idea — let’s just use a Team Drive! The storage limit is basically unlimited. We could create folders for each event (kind of like an album), make sure to name all photos and videos with searchable names, and add descriptions to all images.

This makes sense! I made a folder in the drive labelled “Media”. I’m going to create a landing page for it later, so users can understand how it operates. I’ll add how it works here, too!

Love it!
I just added an underscore “_” to the front of the folder as well so it shows up first. It’s a trick I use to make sure the folders every circle should use are easy to find because they’re at the top of the list of folders.