Create Alumni Community

I think it would be awesome to create an alumni community.

Alumni are YPC’s biggest advocates, can donate, can recruit others, can give testimonials, and are an important part of the community who may enjoy keeping in contact with one another.

@Sophie.Xu , you were the person that originally brought this up! What do you think?

:heart: @Far-Pritte and I just had a conversation about this!


  • Far created an #alumni channel in Slack!


  • Have end-of-year party also be alumni reunion

On Fundraising

  • Far’s completely for alumni giving: “Didn’t have to think twice about it. Have seen YPC’s growth. Want to invest in people and the movement any way I can because it’s not about time anymore.”

Next Steps
Deborah will continue working on other alumni internal comms things (google group, Hub group)
Far will donate in November or December after getting a job