Create accessible AND sustainable pricing for Youth Power Coalition offerings like trainings

Eventually, we’ll need to price our offerings. I’ve created this topic to start the conversation and to be a place where we can save examples / inspiration.


Sociocracy for All
The Sociocracy Academy uses a time barter system to make their course accessible.

To make the Academy available widely we both need to keep costs low and to raise enough income. One way to achieve this is to offer tuition-work exchanges. We write this agreement so that we are clear about the exchange.

I, Deborah Chang , pledge to pay $100 for my tuition for the Academy.

I will pay $100(minimum $100) in a cash payment at the beginning of the program and will work in exchange for the balance. I will invoice SoFA by the 15th and the 30 of each month for my work time. With each invoice I turn in, SoFA will correspondingly reduce my outstanding balance.

The full tuition amount will be entered in SoFA’s bookkeeping as income. If for some reason the full amount is not paid off, the remainder will be entered as Bad Debt. The invoiced work will be entered in SoFA’s books as professional fees. Participants in work exchange will be treated as independent contractors. Those living in the United States will receive 1099-NEC forms after the calendar year is completed, indicating the total amount earned through the work exchange program. It is the participant’s responsibility to report this income in their tax return.

SoFA participates in a work exchange in order to clearly understand the income and expenses we have, and to maximize mutual accountability. SoFA is committed to offering meaningful work that contributes to both SoFA’s advancement and to the Academy participant’s learning.

The specific arrangements are as follows.

  1. The pay rate is $15 an hour
  2. The participant’s work commitment is on average, 2 hours per week, 93 hours total.
  3. The SoFA member supervising the work is Ted Rau.
  4. The work to be done is detailed in the role description, attached.
  5. Variations in the nature of the work and/or the work-time commitment can be made by consent of both the Academy participant and the SoFA supervisor.

Jamie L. Frank
The Crush Your Investment Crowdfunding Campaign uses this language.

  • For those who are struggling financially: $50
  • For those who have a stable income: $150
  • For those who can afford to be generous: $250

Trauma of Money
Trauma of Money Course Page

When it comes to trauma and financial literacy, we believe in equitable practices and accessibility. Therefore, TOM has a one-for-one scholarship program whereby every program that is sold provides free access to the same program for mental health or finance professionals who serve marginalized communities.
$1799 up front or $375 per month for 5 months

UPDATE: I learned that the Trauma of Money team found that people who received a 100% scholarship did not show up to the course and so they’ve changed it up so that people self-select into the financial contribution that feels right to them. It was such a powerful experience because just by having a conversation about what I felt choosing a number unearthed phrases that I’ll continue keeping like “you deserve to spend $25/month on …”

Resource Mobilizer Online Lab
Resource Mobilizer Online Lab Program Details
Reciprocity Offering Form

Full cost registration for the Lab is $900. This fee subsidizes real expenses associated with planning, managing, and facilitating the Lab in ways consistent with our commitment to radical inclusivity. Our priority is to have you join us, at whatever exchange rate is accessible to you.

How would you like to offer reciprocity?
Some suggestions for your consideration, in case that’s helpful:

  • Contribute $900, or more as you’re able, to support Lab Accessibility for all emerging Resource Mobilizers.
  • Trade a discount of $200 for every 5 hours of committed volunteer/pro bono service to WRAP (e.g., $100 contribution + 20 hours of service).
  • Use the Lab to create a campaign that mobilizes resources to support your participation.
  • Suggest a payment plan that accommodates your personal budget and cashflow.