Create a Learning Internal Comms community of practice

Our internal comms systems are getting complex! I think we need a Learning Internal Comms community of practice that allows people to gain skills and learn our systems. People who need to be part of this work are our secretary role holders and people who have deep accessibility needs when it comes to written communciation.


Contact secretary role holders to propose this project
Ask people to self identify as wanting internal comms support
Gather input on what questions people have about internal comms and where are there pain points


Create communication channel – it’ll probably be Slack
Generate ideas for what to share – quick tips? How tos? Upcoming projects and give input on what to prioritize?
Have governance structure live officially with the Internal Comms circle?


Write final proposal for learning internal comms and internal comms purpose and aims
Present final proposal to mission circle
Decide within Internal Comms circle


Create new Learning Circle

Idea! Instead of Learning Internal Comms, should we call this Internal Comms Support?

Internal Comms Support

  • In Slack #internal-comms-support will show up right next to #internal-comms which is a much neater way of organizing the Slack channels, especially when many many circles all spawn their own support/learning circle like #outreach-partnerships-support or #business-support

Learning Internal Comms

  • I like that “Learning” is about, well, shared learning.
  • I like that if we have all the learning channels together,
  • I’m afraid when we have a lot of learning channels, they’ll be hard to find because they’ll all be right next to each other.


  • We could do something like #internal-comms-learning or some other word at the end?