Choose Mailing List Software

Right now we use Mailchimp for sending Newsletters, but it may not be the best platform for several reasons.

  1. It stops being free after 2000 subscribers. We will hit this eventually.
  2. It was chosen before we’ve thought through the entire communications platforms. Now that we’re building out Slack, Hub, Google Groups — it’s getting to be a bit much :laughing:

Some initial ideas to explore
Action Network: Has additional features like petitions, has a unlimited free version, is used by similar organizations that are very effective with communications like the Sunrise Movement.
Youth Power Hub: We use this Hub to communicate internally. Maybe it can be used as newsletter software as well even though there’s some real pushback from the Discourse team.

We also need a better way to get people into the mailing list.

Places I’m drawing from:

  • Member interest form
  • Event sign-ups
  • Flipcause subscriptions