Redesign Website

Above the Fold

We received great feedback from a professional nonprofit website designer via the Rhea Wong Fundraising Accerelator.

One project we can start with is what’s above the fold? Currently, it’s we’re youth leaders and adult allies building a movement for youth-led collective impact and includes a newsletter sign-up.

Here’s the feedback we got:

  1. What do you do?
    a. “Building a movement for youth-led collective impact.”
    i. What does this mean? Eliminate or explain jargon.
  2. Who do you help?
    a. Unclear
  3. How do you help them?
    a. Unknown
  4. What is the impact?
    a. Unknown
  5. What do you want me to do?
    a. Get Newsletter - Not enough WIIFM
    b. Donate - No enough WIIFM

I’d also like us to consider what are the three things we want people to leave with? My suggestion is

We’re truly led by young people. Young people are not “advisors”, young people aren’t being “served”, young people are our board members, our organizers, our department leads.
If you believe in our principles, especially if you’re someone most impacted by inequity, then there’s a role for you. We prioritize young people of color while also building an intergenerational movement where you can be 17 or 70, a stay at home parent or a business owner, poor or rich.
We’re radical. We’re for lowering the voting age to 14. We’re for integrated schools. We’re for landback. We’re for abolition.

See full notes on website here.

Interaction with Hub

Right now it’s not clear how to navigate between the Hub and Youth Power Coalition’s website. For example

  • Once we get to the Hub, there’s no button or anything to go back to the Youth Power Coalition website
  • The Hub uses YPC as the logo on the upper left-hand corner instead of something that says that this is just the Hub where we collaborate and not the full website.

Examples from Other Organizations
Update: I think this is the one!!!


  • Website has your typical landing page
  • Online Community has website navigation bar that looks exactly like the rest of the site and the forum has its own navigation.
Past Finds


  • Website has Community in its nav bar which opens up the online community in a new tab
  • Online Community has a matching nav bar that can navigate back to the Website
  • Potential Implementation Process
    • Add custom Navbar to the Hub (Discourse has a theme component or plug-in)


  • Website and Online Community are just one and the same!
  • Potential Implementation Process
    • Build a custom homepage (Maybe with Discourse pages)
    • Add a custom Navbar

Project Castafire


Checklist from Rhea Wong Consulting

  1. Does your website clearly communicate the problem you’re trying to solve in the world?

  2. Does your website use jargon or industry specific terminology that the average person might not understand?

  3. Does your website feature attractive, nicely framed images of your actual work (i.e. not stock photos, not iphone photos)?

  4. Does your website lead visitors to want to learn more about your organization?

  5. Do you have a clear emotion that you want visitors to feel?

  6. Do your website’s assets convey that feeling?

  7. Do you clearly state WHY your organization is uniquely positioned to solve this problem?

  8. Do you have any proof of your organization’s efficacy?

  9. Do you have less than six options in your navigation bar?

  10. Is your donate button prominently displayed on the upper right corner?

  11. Is it clear what you want your visitor to do?

  12. How many invitations to engage do you have on your website?

  13. Is your website personal and inviting?

  14. Do you know who your target donor is and what messages they care about?

Discussion on Discourse regarding this very topic!

Just had a conversation with @Carlee123 and @Sophie.Xu and they like the idea of having our website and the Hub be the same thing! Want a friendly and colorful landing page.