Change Slack Welcome Message

Update: It’s possible to customize our welcome message!

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Right now I manually message people I invite to Slack

Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: when you get the chance could you add a profile pic? If you’re up for also updating your display name to include pronouns, that would be really cool! We keep it optional though because we know different people have different desires to be out and/or regularly change their pronouns on different days and/or in different spaces. Up to you.

I don’t think this is the best possible solution

  • I’m not sure its scalable if it continues to rely on someone remembering. I’m certainly feeling the pressure of not wanting to do this.
  • But it is more effective to come from people, probably, versus a bot.
  • Our collaboration platform onboarding process currently asks people to have a profile picture ready, would that then be enough to have people add profile pictures?
  • But then we add people when they’re just exploring, do we want profile pictures up then? I’m thinking yes if at all possible!

One idea I have is that there must be a new user welcome message that Slack sends. This could be a part of it, as well as a message that they should feel free to join any channel that they’re interested in.

The current Welcome to Slack message screenshot below

Screenshot of Google Chrome (3-11-21, 4-46-28 PM)

Image Transcribed

@Julisa left you a welcome note:

:wave: Hi team! Instead of email, let’s try using Slack.
Right away, make sure you…

  • Add a profile picture.
  • Join a few channels.
  • Say hi!

Let’s get you set up. Follow the steps below to find your people, say hello, and get up and running.

Screenshot of Google Chrome (3-11-21, 4-46-48 PM)

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  1. Send a message to let your team know you’re here

Say hi, post a GIF, go wild. The world (or at least this channel) is your oyster.

Deborah Chang (she/her)
Proposal to present at a Youth Summit due …

Your message will be posted in #_team-coordination.
Message #_team-coordination
:dancer: Just arrived! :wave: I’m here! What’d I miss?

Maybe we could do the following!

  • Update our welcome note to have “Update your display name” which will lead to our display name guidelines
  • Update person sending the welcome note from Julisa to Youth Power Bot, or from Julisa to whoever’s the Slack admin
  • Change send message channel from #_team-coordination to something like #_introductions

Somewhere we need to add our confidentiality policies of how Slack is a space that’s private to the YPC team. Share outside of the YPC team only what has been consented to.

Advice from Slack, including creating an #intros channel