Apply to NYC Votes by February 25th

This came my way via @SJames!

NYC Votes Youth Ambassadors are a community of young people who care about our city and our democracy. Ambassadors will be expected to complete weekly tasks, long-term projects, and engage in regular meetings. The Ambassadors will be trained to become the next generation of community leaders in New York City. Participating in the program provides not only an opportunity to work alongside a city agency and learn more about voting and local government, but also to develop leadership, public speaking, and community organizing skills. Ambassadors will be required to:

  • Regularly attend weekly virtual meetings
  • Share non-partisan election and voting information with their peers
  • Participate in projects with the Campaign Finance Board staff
  • Produce original content for social media
  • Complete a final research project
  • Host Get Out the Vote Events

Apply here:

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Orange background with photo of two young people, masked and holding a VOTE t-shirt.
NYC Votes
youth ambassador program applications are live!
We invite New Yorkers ages 14-18 who are passionate about democracy to apply for this paid opportunity

  • Ambassadors will work on a range of voting education projects, and develop leadership, public speaking, and community organizing skills.
  • Program will run from May-November.
  • Ambassadors will earn up to $175/month for 10-15 hours of work
  • APply by 5pm on February 25