2019 Youth Summit Plan and Goals

Hi @rachelkate.miller, FYI @bwhitwell, here’s what I have so far for the Youth Summit.


  • 8am: Deborah arrives to take part in the Youth Summit sessions
  • 12pm: Rachel arrives and meets with Deborah to have lunch and discuss branding
  • 2:30pm: Deborah and Rachel set up the #NYCEDU table
  • 3:20pm: Deborah and Rachel meet with Youth Summit participants who come to the table
  • 4:00pm: Wrap-up!

Proposed Goals

  • Meet potential #NYCEDU members and partners
  • Get users to engage with the forum
  • Capture forum feedback (if possible)

Rachel, how do these goals feel to you?

Updates to Discourse Needed

I think we could pose a question on the forum that we ask everyone who signs up at the Youth Summit to respond to. What could that question / discussion prompt be?

Here’s what I’m bringing

  • Binder with detailed #NYCEDU information
  • Green plastic table cloth
  • Bowl of candy
  • Sign up sheets
  • Signs
  • Laptop
  • iPad

If you’re comfortable with using your laptop to display the forum or the #NYCEDU website, could you bring it / other devices as well?

Hi There,

The goals sound good - nothing too shocking.
Let’s talk about how we want to “capture feedback”, if we open up a question in the forum will we just let people add to it under one of our names or will you have them register (each student) and then ask them to reply? That seems like a lot to do while stopping by a table. If we have the hardware I’d suggest we create one dummy account for students to play around with and then on another device have some sort of short survey which includes asking for their email address so we can invite them to sign up later? I actually have no idea how we invite people to sign up but we’ve done it! Also, if we have a short google form survey we won’t need the sign up sheets and will save us time transcribing those later. Unless you were thinking of having the signups on another piece of hardware? I am fine with bringing my brand new laptop for teenagers to play with :slight_smile:

@rachelkate.miller I really like these ideas!

I can create a couple of dummy accounts and have these available for our demonstrations.

Could you create the contact info form? Please include an optional age field and what they want to connect about field so we can differentiate our follow up. I can create a bit.ly link for the contact form so that participants can use their own hardware to fill out the form (if they have it) and use our hardware (if they don’t).

In terms of feedback, I don’t think we need to ask the participants to fill out a form. I think we can just observe the actions they take and the questions they ask. On our end, we can write down what we observe.

Sounds good, I will work on the contact form sometime between now and tomorrow night. It will be pretty simple and I can always make changes after lunch on Thursday.

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And we did it! Rachel, I’ve sent the email out and am also following up with some people individually to get them to post. Sarah from IntegrateNYC already created an account, by the way, so it may be great for you to follow-up with her via Discourse instead of email. All the sign-up info is here. Anything else we need to do?