Youth Leadership Survey Project

We’re surveying youth leaders to understand what skills they’d like to learn and what are the most effective ways to meet them where they are in terms of their learning styles.

We’ll send the survey to YPC members first and then expand it to additional youth organizers as a good way of engaging the entire community. We’ll use the survey responses to decide what skills to focus on, what kind of content to create, and also to write a short report that we can share with everyone.

February 7th, @Carlee123 finishes draft
February 9th, all circle members give feedback
Feb 11th, send out internally within YPC
Feb 18th, analyze survey responses and make tweaks
Feb 21st, send out externally, including @erinac4163 on social media

Important Links
Youth Leadership Survey Project Folder on our Shared Drive

Initial Brainstorm of Questions
See Create a Survey Meeting Notes

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Could this short report also be shared with myself and a few colleagues at the DOE? A few colleagues and I within the Office of Policy & Evaluation wanted to create a student voice action committee and would be interested to see if there are possibilities to work with you and an interested group of students.

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Our Instagram Post is out!