Write Updating Discourse Tech Documentation

With Discourse getting robust collaboration features that have been customized, there’s a need to write documentation on how to keep it up to date.

Installing Plug-ins.
Criteria for plug-ins like well supported, ideally official but can also be Pavilion
For each plug-in and theme component need corresponding documentation on how it’s been implemented
Directions on how to install from Sean

Updating forum
How to notify users
Update on the 1st of every month because that’s when the Pavilion team updates their plug-ins to work with Discourse core

Aim to update your Production Discourse instance (both Discourse core and our plugins) in the first 5 days of every month. Notify us on the relevant Plugin Topic on Meta of any issues you encounter. You will get more focussed support from the Pavilion team on any issues with their plugins during this period.

You update your Production server outside of the first 5 days of the month at your own risk. If you do so and something breaks related to one of our plugins, we urge you to report it and in addition, and if appropriate, uninstall our plugin until it is resolved. Unfortunately we may not get around to fixing it until the next supported period at the beginning of the following month.

🗓 Discourse Event - plugin - Discourse Meta

How to check for functionality: what are the key things that need to work? New user onboarding, layouts…
How to report bugs (both for people who are using the forum but now admin as well as people who own the Hub)

Troubleshooting resources like safe-mode.