Write Theory of Change

A theory of change explains how your program achieves specific outcomes. A well-written Theory of Change can help you raise more money, while enabling you to create an overall better program.

Here’s an example from Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

Image Transcription

At the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, we…

  • Activate the MAH as a welcoming gathering place
  • Find, spark, share, and preserve stories and ideas

So that participants…

  • Enjoy shared experiences to strengthen bonds with friends and family
  • Explore art and history to make unexpected connections, build awareness and respect for diverse cultures and people to build bridges across differences
  • Feel involved and included, make personal connections, and feel inspired to go deeper to feel empowered to share their creative and civic voices

Our community grows stronger and more connected

Project Steps

At Youth Power Coalition, we need to refine our theory of change.

Complete How to Develop Your Intended Impact and Theory of Change Toolkit

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