Write Set-up Circles Documentation

Creating or Updating a Circle

Brainstorm Steps

Set-up Internal Comms Platforms

Choose ONE circle name that you will use consistently across all internal comms platforms. Tips:

  • If the circle name has two or more words, separate the words with a hyphen - like in internal-comms
  • Do not include “circle” in the name (exceptions were made for “general circle” and “mission circle” because it would be odd to say something like “I’m a member of General” while it’s very natural to say “I’m a member of Advocacy”)


Create a Discourse category

  • Add in the appropriate parent category
  • Reorder category alphabetically

Edit the About the Category topic

  • Include the circle aim on the first line

Set Admin settings for category

Add circle name to Discourse circles tag group

  • Start the tag name with c-

Google Workspace

Create a Google Folder in the Youth Power Coalition Shared Drive

Create a Meeting Notes Document by following Meeting Notes Template policy

Set up Google Group according to Creating and Managing Google Groups policy

Set up meeting calendar invites according to the YPC Admin Calendar policy


Create Slack Channel

Add Circle aim to Topic

Invite members

(optional) Link Discourse with Slack via the Chat Integration Plug-in (Partnerships Tracker)


Add 1Password tag

Set-up Finance Systems


Add Circle to Classes

Open Collective

Add Circle to Tags

Update Member Interest Form

Make sure people can sign-up to join the circle! If this is a sub-circle, then you may choose to skip this step and instead have your department circles take care of sending you the people who may most like your work.

Go to the YPC Member Interest Form and click on Edit this form (pencil icon on the lower right-hand corner)

Add to the Circles/Teams section

  • Match the format of the other Circle/Team options (you can duplicate one of the questions to make this easy)
  • Put the Circle in alphabetical order by name

Add newly created Circle/Team option to the Form Mule templates

Regenerate the Formfacade embed link by following their How to Embed Google Forms in Website? directions. Formfacade is what allows us to turn our Google Form into the beautiful version on our Join the Team - YPC webpage.

Update the Join the Team - YPC webpage via Flipcause.


Announce new circle in the #_annoucements Slack channel

Give feedback on this process and make any updates to this documentation by editing Write Set-up Circles Documentation

Dissolving a Circle

Brainstorm of Steps

Basically same steps as above but in reverse. Need Internal Comms thoughts around things like, do we archive the channel and google group? What about the google drive folder? The Hub category?