Write documentation on Hub New User Flow

We’ve made some customizations to the Hub for new users so need to document what we did and why we did it in order for other people to customize in the future. Content to include

  • Discobot renamed to hubbot. If we change the name again, it needs to be updated in the Welcome message.
  • Welcome message customize text location.

Note, the welcome message needs updating. We had originally included this code to allow people to start an interactive tutorial

starting an [interactive tutorial](https://hub.youthpowercoalition.org/new-message?username=hubbot&title=Hey,%20I'm%20ready%20to%20start%20my%20new%20user%20tutorial!&body=Directions:%20Just%20click%20the%20blue%20Message%20button%20below%20to%20tell%20@hubbot%20start%20tutorial)

Resulting in a link that should open the interactive tutorial, but because we block personal messages, this tutorial doesn’t open up.


Let’s write documentation of the new user onboarding process for Discourse.


  • Set a term that’s frequent. Maybe to start once a month so we can always make sure the initial process in a good one
  • Test the process for all ways to get into Discourse
    • Signed-up by yourself
    • Invited from a topic
    • I’m sure many others
  • Customize text directions