We've been accepted to present at the 2019 Youth Summit!

Hey @online-forum team!

I have exciting news.

A while back I stumbled across the 2019 Youth Summit on Thursday, June 6, 2019, at The Beacon School 522 W 44th Street.

Through the Youth Technical Assistance Center on Addressing Disproportionality (YTAC-D) and Youth Restorative Justice (YRJ) teams, we aim to bring together a collective of student voices to highlight the effects of disproportionality on students, while providing best practices to address and dismantle disproportionality. Through a youth led-summit, we will elevate student perspectives in the effort to foster inclusive, humanizing, and critical learning environments for all members of our school communities.

They were looking for workshops and resource fair tables so I thought, “Why not?” and put in a proposal for us to be at the resource fair.

Table Title: Harness the Power of the Internet to Power Youth Leadership
Description of Materials/Resource: Want to have access to an intergenerational, interracial, and cross-sector collective of New Yorkers working together to equip ALL of New York City’s young people to flourish? Join us in an online forum that is 100% dedicated to supporting your work in dismantling systemic inequity through youth led initiatives. You will continue the conversations you started at the Summit, meet additional people who can help and support you, and have instant access to resources at the tips of your finger.

Well, I just received word that we were accepted!!!

(1) What do you think about the idea of making the forum open by June 6th for folks at this summit?
(2) What do you think about the explanation? and
(3) Are you available Thursday June 6th from 3:20pm-4:00pm to be part of the table?