Welcome, Kevin and Maxwell!

Hey @bwhitwell @rachelkate.miller and @seanperkins, @kev2468’s joined the @online-forum-circle to lend his ideas and feedback! I’m excited to have him because we’ve known each other through the education entrepreneurship space where he’s doing amazing work, and because he’s said that he’s ALL IN on #NYCEDU. :heart:

Kevin, welcome! Introduce yourself to the team when you get the chance! Better yet, add your intro on the https://hub.youthpowercoalition.org/t/introduce-yourself/132/6 post and tell us when we can pop on over there to say “Hi”.

Hi all, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to @maxwell, too! Maxwell and Kevin work together on the startup Integrate, so it’s pretty cool to have them getting updates and seeing how they can support us on the forum team.

Integrate is an all in one software for K-12 schools that use Google Chromebooks in the classroom. We create an integrated environment by consolidating management tools with academic content. This software allows teachers to more efficiently manage the classroom, students stay up to date with assignments through notifications while not being able to access ANY distractions, and administration get real time feedback on teacher and student data. We focus on creating the most intuitive and efficient environment possible for all users, while saving schools money.