Using Tags on the Hub

What are tags?

Read a comprehensive guide to Discourse tags by the Discourse team which gives you a basic overview!

How do we use tags on this forum?

Take a look at our tag groups for our list of tags, categorized by what information they’re used to convey.

How do we create tags?

Use the #ideas category to propose and discuss a new tag. Forum admin and moderators are able to create new tags.

What makes a good tag?

  • Categorized in tag groups
  • Doesn’t use acronyms (e.g. social-emotional instead of SEL, education-technology instead of edtech)
  • Facilitates information sharing without creating silos

Why do some tags have those nifty symbols next to them?

We use this nifty tag icons component.

How do we use the project status tags?

Read Documenting Organizational Policies and Projects [Draft] to learn about these specific tags. Do not change this tag group without updating that FAQ as well.